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Interklima UK distribute Midea CAC/RAC products both to the UK & Overseas



  • MIDEA ONLY SELL SMALL SPLIT SYSTEMS - WRONG. Their main chiller factory is one of the largest worldwide


  • The Midea chiller factory is 35% owned by Carrier who provide technical back-up in the development of the efficient Midea chiller range. The test facility can handle chillers up to 8,000 kW


  • Midea have various controlling JV's with Carrier worldwide, with whom they have collaborated for many years


  • Midea are the largest exporter of commercial AC products in China and are a $24billion turnover company


  • Midea have the largest product range of any manufacturer

Air & Water Cooled Chillers

We specialise in the supply of Midea chillers. The Midea modular Digital Chillers are probably uniique in the industry and are ideal for close control and process applications operating down to 0°C. Based around the "Copeland" patented digital compressor, operation of each chiller can be from 100% to 5% of full load capacity. The range inclues scroll/screw and highly efficient centrifugal chillers

Air Handling Units (Standard & Special)

Interklima provide all types of computer selected competitively priced high quality air handling  equipment which can incorporate various coil, filter, adiabatic cooler, humidifier,  recuperator and thermal wheel options. A complete Priva controls system can be provided factory fitted. Detailed information is attached.

Digital & Inverter VRF (250 kw - 4 modules)

Midea has the most technically advanced and highest capacity VRF range available. Options include both inverter and digital scroll compressors. Selection of equipment, pipework., etc., are made using the latest Midea software. Although we can supply single systems up to 250 kW we would always recommend Modular  chillers for systems above 150 kw or where pipe runs are considerable.

Priva Controls & HVAC Control Panels

Interklima Ltd provide a full controls design and manufacturing facility throughout the UK and overseas, from our head office in Redhill together with our offices in Oswestry and Brackley. We have a local office in Abuja, Nigeria.


Other Midea Products

Midea manufacture probably the largest range of chillers, air handling units and VRF systems. They also manufacture the following:


              1.     CHW Fan Coil units of all types and sizes                       2.     Roof Top Packaged Units

              3.     Hot water heat pumps of all types and configurations    4.     Large Split Systems

              5.     Split and multi-split systems of all types                        6.     Precision computer room systems


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